Passion to Profit

It’s my pleasure to invite you to PASSION TO PROFIT – a 5 week fully customised program for entrepreneurs and start ups

During this 5 week tailoured 1:1 program where we’ll focus together on the deliberate, focused action you need to take to kick your business into the next gear, to turn up the heat and turn your business into a business you’ll love.

There is no secret to falling in love

There is no secret formula to creating a business that you can’t help but fall in love with.  There is no magic formula for making your business work (and anyone who withholds the secret formula until you pay them a fortune to tell it to you is leading you down the garden path).

Building a successful business – one you’ll fall in love with – is actually fairy simple.

Building a successful business is about taking focused, deliberate, ‘right’ action and sticking with it until you get where you want to go.

Don’t you want to fall in love with your business?

Passion to Profit - woman with heart

How does the program work?

The PASSION TO PROFIT program is a highly practical 5 week experience.  Here’s what you need to know:

  • Completely customised: The program is completely tailored to you and your business.  There is no off the shelf material in it.
  • Based on current needs and goals: We build your program, your 5 weeks of sessions, based on what you need right now in your business and your life.
  • No set curriculum: There is no fixed or rigid curriculum to the program per se.  There is no “day 1 we do this” and “day 2 we do that” approach.
  • Guided 1:1 working sessions: Your program is full of guided time spent working with me 1:1 on key aspects of your business.   Our time together is focused, creative and productive.

The nuts and bolts

  • One day per week for 5 weeks: You get one full day of my time every week for 5 weeks.  We usually spend at least 2 of those hours together in a face-to-face or Skype session.  You have full use of the remainder of my time for that day which I can spend working on various aspects of your business, creating specific deliverables for and with you.
  • We co-create specific deliverables: Specific deliverables I can work on for and with you include, but are not limited to:
    • Reviewing your website copy and suggesting changes or writing website copy for you
    • Reviewing your opt-in/free give-away on your website and suggesting changes or co-creating your opt-in/free give-away for your website
    • Reviewing your products, physical and/or e-products, and suggesting changes and/or working with you on creating products
    • Reviewing or creating a promotional strategy for specific areas of your business, or for you as the business owner/entrepreneur
    • Reviewing or writing promotional material, such as brochures, flyers, media releases, or advertising copy
    • Reviewing or creating additional promotional materials such as your Speakers Pack and One Sheet (a one-page promotional document focused on you)
    • Helping you prepare for a media interview or media campaign
    • Reviewing or helping you create your seminar or workshop
    • Reviewing or helping you create your online webinar or teleseminar
    • Reviewing or helping you create a keynote speech
    • Reviewing your videos and helping you with an online video strategy
    • Preparing video scripts and rehearsing with you
    • Reviewing your manuscript and helping you create a plan to complete your book
  • We set our direction first: At our first session, we identify where you are at in your business, what your goals are, what your needs are, what your schedule is like, what you have energy for, what areas of your business, if we worked on them, would have the biggest impact, and other key areas we need to cover to get a full and “big” picture of what’s happening for you and your business right now. We then draw up a map of how we are going to spend the rest of your program based on that good intel.
  • Location is flexible: We do not need to be located in the same geography for you to participate in this program.  The sessions we spend working directly together can be face to face, or via Skype.  I can work with you in whatever location you are in, so long as you have an internet connection and a computer.

How much does it cost?

The program is $8000 for the entire 5 weeks.  What you get is 5 full days of my time, working together and directly with you in 1:1 sessions, and in developing and delivering specific outcomes and deliverables for and with you.

You get unlimited email access to me during the 5 weeks.  And you get two follow up 30 minute Skype or face-to-face sessions with me in the 3 months following the program.

Payment options are either one payment of the entire $8000 upfront, or two payments of $4000, one upfront and the final payment no later than 10 days into your program.

I only provide refunds if these conditions are present: it is prior to the program,  and if an unforeseeable problem of life changing proportions crops up that you must attend to that takes your time and attention away from your business for the foreseeable future.

Please make sure you have the funds to pay for this program before you sign up.  There is nothing more disappointing and frustrating than to find you don’t have the funds to keep going with this program once you get started.  Having the funds to pay for this without any stress also means we can focus all our collective energy on your business and what you want to achieve, without money worries getting in the way.

If you know this program is for you

Passion to Profit - YES

If you already know you’re interested in this program, then complete the simple form below and click on the button and I will be in touch within 2 working days.

Why you want to participate in this program

The program must fit us both

We want to make sure this is a good fit for both of us.  I only want to work with people who are in the right place in their business to get the most out of this program, and are prepared to do the work.

And you only want to spend the time and money on a program that’s going to give you what you need right now.

Areas we may explore in your customised program

During the PASSION TO PROFIT 5 week program, there are many areas we may explore – depending on where you are at in your business, what your goals are, and what you need most right now.

There are some key aspects to building a business that you love, a business that is on fire.  And working on these key areas will kick your business into the next gear, expand your reach and grow your profile as an expert in your field.

Depending on what you need in your business right now, we may explore and work on areas of your business that are included below:

Icon - FoundationFoundations

This is about exploring if your ladder is up against the right wall.

  • What are your dreams and passion – what brought you here? What keeps you here? What do you need now and moving forward?
  • What are your outcomes and goals – why are you doing this? How will you know when you’ve achieved it? Why is it important?
  • What is your story? How does it fit into your business? Who needs to know what about your story?
  • What do you need to get where you’re going?


Icon - ClientsClients

This is about client attraction and retention.

  • Who are you helping? Why do they need your help? What is their pain or their problem?
  • Who is your ideal-for-me client? What is your customer profile/client avatar?
  • How do you reach them? How do you expand and/or deepen your reach?
  • The 4 step process to attracting clients: do you offer something at every step?
  • The client commitment funnel: are you drawing people through your funnel?
  • How can you increase your touch points? Touch points include online (website, opt-in, list building, blog and blogging, newsletters, website copy and design, video, and so on) and real world (speaking, coaching, workshops, events, signature system, and so on)


Icon - OfferingsOfferings

This is about the products and services you offer.

  • You’re solving a problem (or maximising an opportunity) for someone – how are you doing that?
  • What product/s or service/s do you offer? What is (or could be) your signature system?
  • How are you solving someone’s problem?  What format are your offerings in now?
  • Increasing your income by adding more products and services
  • Organising your content and developing exercises and activities
  • Micro products, long/in-depth products, program packages
  • How is your content delivered – online (downloads, audio, video, memberships, live forums) and real world (workshops, retreats, coaching, sessions)
  • How much do you charge, the price-value continuum, and offering products for free


Icon - PromotePromotion

This is about how you promote your business, your offerings and yourself / your story.

  • How do people hear about you?
  • What is your promotion strategy?
  • What are your specific plans to promote yourself/your story, your business, and your offerings?
  • What are you promoting?  When?  How?
  • Promotional activities can focus on all types of promotion including content, soft, mainstream and paid marketing (blogging, articles, newsletters, speaking, workshops, videos, profiles, mainstream media, online media, books, advertising, social media, podcasts)


This program best suits entrepreneurs who are ready.

Passion to Profit - Thumbs Up

If you say YES to all of these criteria, then Passion to Profit is right for you:

  • You are already in business.  You must already have a business, even if it is still in its early stages or you’re not sure what it does, who it does it for, or where it’s going, to get full value from this program.
  • You have enthusiasm.  We want to get to know and care about you and your business as much as you do, so it all starts with the fire within you.
  • You want to increase your reach and share what you have with more people.  If you’re satisfied with what you’re doing and who you’re doing it for, there’s not a lot of room for movement, and that’s what this program is all about.
  • It is imperative that you leverage your time and talents and to work smart to create new and easier ways for people to access your offerings.  It’s all about reach and helping you see the possibilities, and turn those possibilities into reality.
  • You are prepared to do the work. Please don’t express interest or sign up if you have no intention of taking action. This program is only a great fit for those happy to take action.
  • You have ideas but you haven’t taken as much action as you’d like, and that’s what you know you need to do now – take action.  You just need some help with deciding on what the best action is for you right now, prioritising your actions, and taking it.
  • Your business is more a source of confusion, worry, overwhelm and stress rather than a fulfilling flow of perfect-for-you clients.
  • You could do with an expert and empathetic helping hand (or better yet – two sets of helping hands).  You’ve tried all kinds of things before, been to your fair share of inspirational programs, read every business guru but you still don’t have a business you love, a business that’s on fire.
  • You’re ready to fall in love with your business and turn up the heat!

Your guide – Jill Chivers

I’m Jill Chivers and I’m thrilled to introduce the PASSION TO PROFIT PROGRAM – it’s a 5 week fully customised program for entrepreneurs and start ups who want to MUST mobilise their business.

I have over 20 years’ business experience, in both the corporate world and in small business, and have created 5 successful microbusinesses.  I know what it takes to turn a business from okay into outstanding.

The clients I work with often tell me I understand their business, and their clients, better than they do.  How is that possible?  Because I listen. I pay attention.  I care.  And I’m very skilled at turning passion into profit, and stories into sales.

“Jill moved me forward at least a year ahead of where I would have been without her coaching and mentoring”. – Jenny Smith, Divorced Womens Club

“Jill has the knack of seeing through all the ideas that an entrepreneur has, and gathering them together in cohesive ways”. – Alex Mitchell, Author Support Services

“Jill provides the clarity of vision that is essential to move from overwhelm to success”. – Lisa Fitzpatrick, Sacred Women’s Business

“Within one day of Jill’s coaching session, I had 7 times more sign ups to my workshop”. – Jo Shiers, The Style Adviser

PassiontoProfit - woman charting success


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If this program is a good fit for you and your business right now, fill in this short form and click on the button and you’ll hear from me within two working days.

Why you want to participate in this program