Workshop Wonderland

Do you run workshops but aren’t sure they’re the best they can be?

Are you looking to turn your workshops from ordinary to outstanding?

This one day workshop is for workshop leaders who want to optimise their workshops and create powerful learning experiences participants will love.  It will inspire you to rethink your workshop (here’s a hint: it’s never about the content) and support you in creating workshops that engage the learner in a whole body and whole brain way. Your workshops, and your workshop participants, will never be the same again!

krishna“This is a brilliant workshop. Expect to be inspired. Jill helped me to take ‘teaching’ to another level, by showing me how to empower the participants to think for themselves instead of me doing it for them. Highly interactive. A must for any facilitator. Jill is a gem!”

Krishna Everson | Marketing Specialist |

Who is this for?

If you are currently running workshops, this workshop is for you.  It is for trainers, facilitators, coaches and workshop leaders who have some experience in designing and facilitating workshops.

An experienced workshop leader?  Great, this workshop is perfect for you.  It’s very important for experienced workshop leaders to take time out from being the expert at the front of the room for a moment and recharge their workshop batteries.  Most great masters take time out to ‘sit in the students chair’ from time to time.

Newer to running workshops?  This workshop has no “levels” and has an exquisite design that allows each person to participate at their own pace and level, and in their own way.  This isn’t school and there’s no way to fail, and you’ll learn a whole lot just by watching how I’ve pulled the workshop together to add to your growing skills and confidence as a workshop leader.

“Thank you so so much for the fantastic workshop and for your individual feedback to me as a workshop leader.  I can’t tell you how much I’ve learned in just one day.  As a matter of fact, I have a workshop tomorrow and I have spent my afternoon reworking my course.  From the board to the forms, everything has a new flavor and I can’t wait to train/facilitate my new style.

And it sounds a lot easier, I am not planning on being the perfect teacher anymore (talk about pressure!) but have fun with my “girls”. I will definitely recommend you to anyone who wants to learn more about running a workshop.

Post Script: It’s now the day after my workshop and I am so thrilled by the changes I made after attending your workshop!  It was so exciting and the feedback was excellent.  Seeing the transformation of my participants was pure pleasure and we had fun!”

Laurence de Conto | The Spa Touch |

How long?

This program is one power-packed day in duration.

Overview of the program

A successful workshop is not about the content you deliver as an expert in your field.  This is the #1 mistake workshop leaders of all experience levels make.  And it gets in the way of designing and delivering a powerful and effective workshop that ‘sticks’.

In this one-day experiential workshop, we provide an opportunity to explore outstanding workshop design so your workshops go from good to great, from ordinary to outstanding. This is a highly practical and interactive workshop with immediate application to your own workshop design.

Through an exceptional and experiential workshop design, you’ll have plenty of opportunity to further develop your toolkit of adult learning skills.  Come prepared to interact and share in the learning.

Learning Focus

  • How to create a ‘learning partnership’ between learners and trainers/facilitators
  • Ways to prepare learners for the learning experience
  • Techniques to create a rich learning experience and environment
  • How to inspire learners to engage with the learning in their own way and at their own pace
  • How to help learners help themselves
  • Ways to create an ongoing learning attitude

Key Areas of Exploration

  • How Adults Learn: concepts and experiences
  • Set Up: the power of environment and framing
  • Experience: A model for creating and facilitating an adult-learning experience that maximises engagement and learning
  • Generative learning: what is it and how do you “do” it?
  • Retention:  supporting ongoing learning after the workshop

“My name is Annie Clark, I’m an author and presenter for Lifestyle and Health topics.  I currently run events like The Art Of Wellness and Raw Food Workshops throughout the year.  I attended Jill Chivers’ very special workshop on 14th March along with several other people who are involved with putting on events and workshops. 

 I found this workshop absolutely perfect for where I was at.  I came with an open mind and heart and as a result learnt new skills and expressions that I can implement in my future events.

I discovered that there are creative ways to get my  message over,  by creating a learning space for individuals to really grasp a new concept or message. 

Being around other people and hearing how they do their workshops and events helped to confirm that I am on the right track, but still completely open to change.

So I learnt how people learn best, about workshop learning goals, about structure, sticky situations (that was fun), and the general logistics to ensure the best possible experience for my clients and future attendees.   

Thanks Jill, it was wonderful.”

Annie Clark | Lifestyle Health Consultant |

When, Where and How Much?

We are happy to run Workshop Wonderland by request, and we are happy to travel almost anywhere Workshop Wonderland is needed.  We need a minimum of 12 participants and can run the workshop with as many as 100 people.

Please to discuss Workshop Wonderland in your location or with your group or organisation.


If you have any questions about this workshop or your participation in it, please be touch.  Contact me on  or phone 0416 074 911

Yes I want to attend Workshop Wonderland!

Great, we’re excited to have you join us for this interactive workshop experience!

To get you registered for this program, it’s easy.  Just with the information below and tell me which city you wish to attend Workshop Wonderland in.  Within 3 days, you’ll receive a workshop welcome pack which also includes some more information about the workshop and your workshop invoice payable in 7 days.

Once you are fully registered, you will receive a Pre-Workshop Play Pack to get your learning juices flowing prior to the workshop.

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If you’re looking to take your workshops to the next level, join us for this learning experience.  Your workshops, and your workshop participants, will never be the same again!