Can you imagine getting the right help at the right time?

Imagine if you had the right blend of inspiration coupled with the right amount of practical know-how. The perfect combination!

Imagine the confidence you’d have knowing that not only was ‘the ladder up against the right wall’ (your direction and focus was right) but that you had ‘the power in your corner’ (the practical steps) needed to see it through to the end.

You’d have the right mix of a creative and motivating solution and the down-to-earth follow through to turn ideas into reality.  Heaven!

But right now there’s confusion and uncertainty. You aren’t sure which steps to take. You can’t afford to make a mistake and you don’t want to waste good money on a solution that won’t work for you.

You aren’t sure where to start or if the solution you have in mind will be the right one. You may have tried to find a way forward on your own, or paid a fortune for a solution that simply did not work for your particular circumstances.

I know how frustrating it is to wish and hope you’re on the right path but not being certain you are. Of knowing you can’t do it alone but not knowing who to trust.

So I understand how important it is for you to choose the right person and the right path to get you where you want and need to go.


As a SPEAKER, I’ve delivered hundreds of presentations to thousands of people – often hard-to-impress audiences who’ve “heard it all before”. I know how to tailour a presentation specifically to speak to your audience, and how to deliver it so it engages and inspires. As an MC, I make sure I understand your event and prepare thoroughly, as well as engaging the audience throughout and keeping things moving at the right pace.

As a PROJECT MENTOR, I’ve worked with hundreds of people, within corporations and those who run small and micro businesses, to find solutions they are 100% confidence will work for them (there’s no off-the-shelf, cookie cutter solutions – it’s all tailoured), based on decades of experience in business. I balance the need for creative solutions that inspire with practical know-how that delivers. Every time.

As a FACILITATOR, I’ve designed and guided group processes for over two decades as a certified professional corporate facilitator. I’ve worked with varied audiences, from those running one-person businesses to high performing leaders and teams within global firms. I know how to create a safe and stimulating learning environment that engage participants and create lasting change in people’s thinking, feelings and behaviour.


Where Corporate Meets Creative is an approach that helps you get the right help at the right time.

It helps shift you from stuck and uncertain to confident and inspired.

I can help you as a speaker and emcee, as a consultant, coach and mentor, and as a facilitator.

The way we work together will be tailored to suit your needs and based on solid experience and solutions that work.

We start with some personal contact – a phone or Skype call, or email. I’ll ask you some questions to make sure I understand your situation and needs, and we’ll devise a solution and set of step-by-step actions that will take you where you want and need to go.

You can expect to feel understood and supported by a professional who knows their stuff.

You could waste hours or days trying to work out if you’re on the right path on your own. Or more hours and days trying to devise a solution and set of action steps you’re confident will work. And you could blame yourself for not having the perseverance to see it through all on your own (assuming you can identify a solution you believe will work in the first place).

There’s no need to try to do it all on your own – not when I’m here to help.

There’s no need to waste all that time – including the opportunity cost of not starting – not when I can help.

There’s no need to flounder, worry and procrastinate – not when I can help.

I work with companies who are looking for creative solutions that inspire and work.

I work with small and micro businesses that are ready to move to the next level.

Contact me today to get the right help at the right time.