Praise for Jill

“Jill manages the room with extraordinary diplomacy, keenly aware of who is there, why, and how to draw them all into the process. She’s sharp, funny and has a great eye for detail, constantly honing her approach to suit the mood and level of engagement. It’s honestly a joy to watch.”

Alex Mitchell,
Women Entrepreneurs

“Jill was my first choice to MC our comedy event. She was the perfect choice! She was funny, polished, professional and welcoming. She was so prepared – didn’t need a single piece of paper to refer to on stage – I’ve never worked with an MC who was so on top of the material. Jill is first class, world class. A joy to work with and an outstanding MC!”

Judy Glen,
International Diva

“Jill Chivers was the MC for a recent Pacific Rim Real Estate Conference at the University of the Sunshine Coast, involving a large and diverse audience drawn from 13 countries. Jill provided an outstanding service – very welcoming and inclusive, with an eye to detail and a good comprehension of the nature of the conference and the outcomes required. I would recommend her highly.”

Professor Mike Hefferan,
Pro Vice Chancellor (Engagement),
The University of the Sunshine Coast

“A great MC adds to an event without detracting from its main purpose. Jill Chivers crafted our awards ceremony at the Association of Psychological Type International conference in Dallas, a 3 day event, so that not only did our members enjoy what was previously a painfully dry event at conferences, but ensured that those receiving awards remained the focus of the conference.”

Jane Kise,
President APTI

“As MC, Jill’s warm and enthusiastic style engaged the audience fully at our awards ceremony for the Association of Psychological Type conference in Dallas. Her extraordinary attention to details, such as mastering all the names of recipients of the 15 awards, created a relaxed atmosphere. She kept the awards flowing at an engaging pace that honored everyone and stuck to the schedule.”

Jane Kise,
Differentiated Coaching

“In the eight years I’ve run the Sunshine Coast Women Entrepreneurs, with a membership of close to 1000 women, I’ve had supreme confidence in entrusting the MC position to Jill. I know Jill will look after the group with care, warmth, professionalism, flair and a certain je ne sais quoi. Jill is the perfect host.”

Alex Mitchell,
Women Entrepreneurs

“Thank you Jill for the wonderful job you did MCing our reunion event on the weekend. The gala dinner night was a great success, mostly due to you. Your professionalism at engaging everyone and showing such respect for all those present made the evening the success it was. So many present commented on how terrific you were as the MC and we enjoyed having you there. I would recommend you highly for the wonderful job you did.”

Rosie Forster,
President WRAAF (Womens Royal Australian Air Force)

“As an MC, Jill Chivers brings so much more than the usual laughter and direction to your event. She brings years of experience as a professional facilitator, corporate trainer, business coach and personality profiler. This means she takes the time to really get to know the people behind the event, their goals and the flavour they want for the day.”

Alex Mitchell,
Women Entrepreneurs

“Jill Chivers was our dynamic, vivacious and super professional MC for the launch. This lady is beyond a doubt top of her game and surged this launch ahead with her energy and style. She guided me every step of the way and if ever I felt unsure of my next move, Jill was only a call away. The Gala Launch for the Vintage Calendar Girls was a stupendous success, skilfully guided and elegantly executed thanks to this sensational Blonde Bombshell!”

Misty Bland,
Founder of Vintage Calendar Girls
Rare Cancers of Australia Fundraiser

“It was a pleasure working with you on the Driving Disability Employment Breakfast Seminar.  We’re so pleased with how it all went and have received positive feedback from key stakeholders attending. You were an absolute delight to work with, so professional, proactive, well-prepared, friendly and warm. Your preparation and delivery at the event added a lot of polish and interest. The way you introduced the speakers was very special, as was the introduction to the panel. You guided the panel discussion extremely well, and it was greatly appreciated that you spoke to every speaker afterward. You were (are) exactly what we want in an MC!”

Daniel Valiente-Riedl,
General Manager,
JobAccess at WorkFocus Group