Why You Need an MC

It’s so important that the critical role of MC not be delegated to members of the conference committee or to an internal team member who may not be fully equipped to fulfil the role of a dedicated, professional MC, even if they are a good speaker.

You get so much more out of your conference or event when you engage a dedicated, professional MC – it’s like you have jet propelled your conference, event or summit!

7 Benefits to engaging a dedicated, professional MC

  1. You are free to fully participate and spend time networking with your delegates, the speakers and any VIPs during the conference knowing that the glue holding the conference together, in the form of a dedicated and professional MC, is in place.
  2. You don’t have to worry about composing and delivering engaging introductions for your keynote speakers, creating an atmosphere of heightened interest (this is preparation work a dedicated, professional MC takes care of and (here’s a professional MC tip:) they never just read out the written bio of each speaker!).
  3. You are reassured that the learning outcomes for the event are reinforced through activities your dedicated, professional MC takes care of through their facilitation-in-the-moment skills (and possibly some above-and-beyond deliverables including a poster sized visual snapshot of each speaker’s presentation), giving you greater return on your speaker investment.
  4. You can relax knowing the program will run on time and that every detail of the program, including  panels and Q&A sessions, is taken care of by your dedicated, professional MC.
  5. You know that any VIPs in attendance will be made to feel especially welcome and will be well taken care of.
  6. You are confident that your sponsors and any other special guests are adequately acknowledged and made to feel appreciated.
  7. You can rest easy knowing that any unexpected issues will be noticed immediately and proactively and diplomatically managed.

A dedicated, professional MC makes sure of all those things, and more.  They expertly fulfil the role as a warm and engaging host throughout the event,  from before the beginning to after the end.

A dedicated, professional conference MC is a necessity at any professional conference, summit or event.

A professional MC isn’t an expense but a true investment in your event and in the outstanding experience you want to provide for your delegates.

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