Coaching Client Information

Congratulations on taking an important step in obtaining what you really what, in whatever sphere you decide to focus on during our coaching sessions.  I’m delighted to work with you to help you turn your ideas into reality and move your business and dreams along to their next phase of life!

It is important that we have a solid and transparent way of working together, protocols for working together if you like.  You’ll find those on this page.  If you have any questions, just ask and we can talk about any of these elements. If I don’t hear from you on any of these, then I’ll assume you’ve read them and are okay with them (agree to them).


The relationship between the coach (me) and the coachee (you) is based on trust, with key ingredients being confidentiality, clarity and openness.  Without these ingredients and foundation of trust, the relationship is ineffective at best.   We both want you to get the most out of this coaching program, so we move forward working together on the basis that these ingredients and this foundation of trust are in place.


We each have an important role to play in our coaching relationship.

Coachee – you.

  • Identify the outcomes you wish to focus on throughout the coaching program. These may be broad and general or specific and detailed, and they may also shift throughout the coaching program.  Whatever they are we can work with, but your outcomes are the touchstone for all that we do together during our coaching sessions so they are crucial to you getting what you want and need.
  • Understand and agree that you are responsible for your physical, mental and emotional wellbeing during our coaching program.
  • Be committed to be open and honest through what may at times be a challenging process.
  • Together with me, the coach, identify actions to be taken in between coaching sessions.
  • Take action and do all identified items in the time allocated. These actions and the timeframes for taking them will always be set by you, or we will set them together if that’s what is required, so they should always be actions that are achievable and relevant to your outcomes.

Naturally if actions are not taken and there’s no special reason for that or extenuating circumstances, this would be something for us to discuss to determine what’s lying beneath an inability or unwillingness to take action.  It may mean the wrong actions were set or the timeframe was not achievable to do them in.  If actions continue to be untaken over a period of time where no extenuating or special circumstances are in place, we’d have to review the value of the coaching relationship and the value in continuing the coaching program.

Coach – me.

  • Support you, the coachee, to achieve agreed outcomes and goals through the right kind of questioning, guidance, support, mentoring, listening, consulting input, challenge, encouragement, understanding and feedback.
  • Work with you using all my skills – as a coach, as a mentor, and as a consultant. I will ask questions, I will offer input, I will be a set of expert helping hands when you need them.
  • Not give information or advice I know to be misleading or beyond my realm of expertise.
  • Abide by professional standards of ethical conduct for a professional coach, mentor and consultant.
  • Respect the confidentiality of information disclosed in our coaching sessions, except as otherwise discussed with you, the coachee, or as required by law.

Everything I have to offer is at your disposal.  More about me and how I work in this space on this page.

Notice of session changes

If you need to reschedule your session, please give me at least 72 hours’ notice.  If you have an emergency, we’ll work around it.  If you cannot make a session and you give me less than 72 hours’ notice, that session will be forfeited.  There may be a time that I am forced to reschedule one of our sessions and I will let you know at least 72 hours in advance (and if I can’t give you that 72 hours’ notice, you will get an additional, free session).

Extra time

Important to note that I’m always happy to have brief email and phone conversations with you in between sessions, these are included in our time/session costs.  The exception is significant time that is required, anything over 10 minutes generally.

In these cases, I’ll confirm my additional time and add it to the next invoice or deduct it from our session time.  An example here is if you’d like me to review a document – that is a significant time activity that I would invoice you separately for or deduct from our scheduled time.  So if we had a 90-minute session scheduled, I may propose spending 30 minutes reading/reviewing your document followed by a 60-minute session with you; alternatively, I could add another 30 minutes (or however much time I spent) to the next invoice.

Again it’s about openness, trust and clarity.  Additional time will always be discussed with you before I spend it, so you’ll always be aware of any additional time I’m spending on you and your business.


If I ever say or do something that concerns you or doesn’t feel right, please bring it up.  One of my mandates is to challenge, motivate and inspire and sometimes this means I’ll ask questions you may wish I didn’t, or that bring up issues, feelings and thoughts that are uncomfortable or challenging.  Challenge is naturally part of the process, without it the coaching relationship is flaccid and your outcomes are likely compromised.  But it has to be the “right” challenge.

It is your coaching program, and it’s important that it delivers what you want it to. My goal always is to with you to find the right balance in the coaching process.  Trust, honesty and openness are the keys to getting that balance right.

Invoicing and payment

I generally invoice you immediately after each session, usually together with a summary of key points from our session.  For some coaching programs, I invoice you in advance for multiple sessions.  My payment terms are strictly 7 days.   Thank you for paying on time.

Liability and Indemnity

Not the funnest stuff but it is important to cover.  So here we go.

The client/coachee (that’s you) will indemnify the coach (that’s me) in the event of all claims that may be made against the coach as consequence of the coach performance of this agreement.

Jill Chivers assumes no responsibility for decisions made or not made by the client/coachee as a result of the coaching relationships.

By entering into the coaching relationship and coaching program, the client/coachee agrees to this.


Congratulations again on taking an important step in obtaining what you really what, in whatever sphere you decide to focus on during our coaching.  I’m looking forward to helping you get your particular and unique show on the road!