My Year Without Clothes Shopping

I started this project and website in 2010 as a result of my extreme personal challenge: my ‘year without clothes shopping’ which finished on December 15, 2010.  That was a year that changed my life.

It changed how I think about consumption, especially for clothing. It changed how I feel about shopping (I can’t imagine wanting to spend a day at the mall now). And it changed how I applied my talents and what I did with my time. During my ‘year’, I became fascinated with consumption – how we do it, why we do it, and the consequences of our shopping behaviour.

Help for compulsive shoppers

Click on the image to watch Jill talk about her “My Year Without Clothes Shopping" project.

As a result of my fascination and a lot of research, I was inspired to create the My Year Without Clothes Shopping Program. This project also contains the shorter course: the Conscious Clothes Shopping 6 Week Mini Course.

This project attracted a lot of media attention and continues to do so. I have become a recognised expert in the field of shopping and over-consumption and am regularly asked to contribute to media stories, as well to share my story, speak at conferences and participate in panel discussions about conscious consumption in our modern consumer age.