I’ve delivered a lot of presentations during my career — thousands over the years — and as a result I’m an experienced presenter. Feedback I’ve received about my presentations is that I am an engaging and enthusiastic presenter who makes audiences think, feel and laugh.

I often presented to audiences as hard to impress as those from top tier law firms, the world’s elite banking and finance institutions and senior managers and directors from professional services firms. It was a privilege to design and deliver a presentation that ‘hit the mark’ with these audiences and had them thinking and feeling differently.

I have delivered presentations as short as 15 minutes and as long as 2 hours. I’ve delivered presentations within organizations, for networking organizations and for expos and conferences. I have been the solo presenter as well as being part of a speaker lineup gathered together around a specific theme.

Here’s what Alex Mitchell, the convener of Sunshine Coast Women Entrepreneurs said:

“At Sunshine Coast Women Entrepreneurs the focus is on speakers that offer tangible take-home benefits to women in their businesses. The speaker’s session is 1.5 hours so I really need to be sure that the presentation is professional, engaging and value-rich.

Jill Chivers presented for us recently and the result was outstanding. We had a turnout of participants 30% higher than the average – our biggest meeting ever. Getting media attention is a hot topic amongst business women and Jill is the pick of the crop as a trainer in that field.

Jill is an entertaining and impeccably prepared presenter, but the women related even more to her tips and strategies because Jill has cracked the media code from the outside. She’s an entrepreneur who walks in the shoes of her audience, so her information was spot on – how to create ongoing media interest and what to do with it once you get it.

The group conversations on social media afterwards proved to me what a powerful impact Jill had on the group. The actions taken and rewards gained by our women in the following weeks demonstrated that Jill’s technique gets results”.

And one more. Terri Cooper runs her own networking organization and I had the great pleasure of speaking at three of her events. Terri summarizes the impact of my presentations on her events:

“The feedback I received from attendees was fabulous. I highly recommend Jill as a top level presenter.”

I know presenting from the inside out. For over 5 years, I taught Masterful Presentation Skills to high performing senior managers. One senior partner from a top tier law firm who attended a full two-day program stated that “I recommend all lawyers do this exceptionally beneficial program“.

A senior associate in a national law firm said that “I am now putting my hand up to deliver presentations – previously this terrified me“. And a senior manager from a leading arts council said “Jill creates excellent rapport, delivers outstanding content, she’s challenging and there’s no bullshit. The best trainer we’ve ever had“.

I enjoy designing and delivering presentations and am always happy to craft a tailored presentation for a specific audience, organization, event or occasion.

I can also act as Emcee at your conference, expo or event.  I possess that unique combination of skills that encourages delegates to participate, informs them of crucial details and stimulates engagement – all qualities you want and need in a professional Emcee.

I can help you and your team to become outstanding public speakers. I have worked with hundreds of emerging and senior leaders to develop their speaking skills and confidence. Contact me today to arrange your customized presentation and speaking skills program today!