I write frequently and I receive feedback from readers, and other writers, that I write well. I’m told that my writing feels like I’m talking directly to you, it’s personal, warm, engaging and invites you to think and feel about what I’m speaking (writing) to you about.

Communication skills are my strong suit – I love people, I’m fascinated by them, and whenever I get a chance to listen to someone’s story and engage in a conversation with them, I take it. And writing is a form of conversation. You are giving me the precious commodity of your time and attention by reading my words, and I want to make the most of that opportunity you’ve given me.

I wrote for my own two blogs for 3 years, writing between 2 and 4 posts a week.  I continue to write my own blog as well as guest write for other quality blogs and sites quite frequently.

In terms of resources, I have written the Media Mastery Workbook for Entrepreneurs, a two part guidebook that puts the entrepreneur in the driver’s seat. Written specifically for people running their own business, it is perfect for those on a budget or just starting out on their media journey.

I have also written two comprehensive resources focusing on conscious clothes consumption. The first is the My Year Without Clothes Shopping program. I designed this program and wrote a significant portion of it, and edited the entirety of it. This is a premium program with 12 themes over the 12 months, adding up to 52 in-depth and comprehensive weekly tutorials. Each of the 52 tutorials contains two parts: a comprehensive lesson and resource. At over 1,000 pages in total, this is a work of extraordinary quality. We know of no other program like it in the world.

The second resource in this topic area I have written is the 6 Week Conscious Clothes Shopping Mini Course. This short course provides tools and resources to start the journey back to conscious clothes shopping. Containing over 50 pages of thought provoking and action prompting material, the mini course is delivered via 14 email lessons over 6 weeks, and all topics are geared around conscious clothes shopping.

I’ve also written two books, one is around my year without clothes shopping, and the other is about my life as a corporate trainer. Both are in need of editing support and intervention before they could even vaguely be considered ready for public consumption.

If you need support with your writing project, contact me today to discuss how I can help bring your words to life!