Svelte in Style: How to Look and Feel Great While Losing Weight

This project is a collaboration with my friend and colleague Imogen Lamport, a global image and style expert and a successful blogger. Independently, we both had been approached by women who wanted to work with us and do our programs, but felt they couldn’t commit to it until they had lost weight or reached an ideal weight. They were deferring investing in themselves until they lost weight, always putting themselves last and downplaying how important the way we look and feel are to our ongoing emotional health and the role those things play in succeeding with any endeavor.

We started to think: wouldn’t it be great if we could help these women while they are on their weight loss journey? What if these courageous women could look and feel great right now, while they are losing weight – and not have to put off looking and feeling their best until that goal weight had been reached?

But we knew it was even more important than that. Looking and feeling good is nice – but we knew it was more central, more imperative, than being simply ‘nice’. We knew that the deferring of looking and feeling better was actually hindering the success of these terrific women on their weight loss journey. We knew that looking and feeling great was a “necessary to have”, not merely a “nice to have” on a weight loss journey.

Click on the image to watch Jill and Imogen talk about Svelte in Style: How to Look and Feel Great While Losing Weight.

It was a year from the time we started to explore this concept until the book was launched in July 2013. During that time, we wrote the book, had it professionally edited, and created a website just for women on a weight loss journey, or those about to start on one, to help them look and feel great while losing weight.

Svelte in Style is an instantly downloadable e-book that is intended to provide something extra to women as they travel the path of losing weight. It is about looking and feeling great and the enormous difference both those things can make to a woman’s emotional state and her success in losing weight.

Svelte in Style:

  • Is full of exercises and activities to encourage action in the areas of looking and feeling great while losing weight.
  • Is not a weight loss book.
  • Contains two main sections: How to Feel Great written by me, Jill Chivers, and How to Look Great written by Imogen Lamport. There are images and illustrations to bring the concepts alive.
  • Is a How To guide – it is intended to be not only read, but used as a workbook where you take action and do the exercises suggested.
  • Contains two bonus sections – How to Eat Healthily by guest contributor Annette Sym and How to Exercise Healthily by guest contributor Amanda Cox.

Svelte in Style’s core focus is on the fact that you are valuable the way you are right now. You are worth money, time and effort right now…not when you get thin. You can look and feel great the size and shape you are!