What Clients Say

Coach-Consultant-Mentor Reviews

“Before I started working with Jill, I had everything I thought I needed to succeed with my business.  I was motivated, passionate, I had a whole heap of ideas going around in my head about what I could do and how I could help my clients.

What was missing was a lack of belief and confidence in my ability and a strategy of how all these wonderful ideas were going to be developed.  I was in a serious state of panic and procrastination.  A colleague referred me to Jill because she could see Jill had all the expertise to help me.

Jill is the perfect fit for me because she thinks with both a creative mind and a business mind.  She took me through a step by step process for getting my ideas out of my head and onto paper and then through a product development phase.  Jill could see potential in me that I couldn’t see or feel when we first met which was part of my “stuck phase”.  Her confidence in me taught me about the importance of self belief and as a result my internal dialogue is more positive.

Thanks to Jill I have just published my first e-course “Living Your Life Stylishly” and sales have been very strong.   Throughout the entire process of developing this e-course, Jill mentored me and kept my focus and direction where it was needed.  We are now working together on my next project.

I would recommend Jill Chivers to anyone in business that is feeling stuck or doesn’t know how to get themselves moving in the right direction.  If you are seeking clarity and confidence in what you’re doing then Jill would be a great fit for you. Something I am 100% sure of is that I would never have succeeded with my e-course without Jill Chivers’ expertise, mentoring and business acumen.”

Jo Hodges, The Style Advisor

“Before I worked with Jill, I knew what I wanted my business to look like, but I wasn’t sure how to move forward on my vision. Jill has the exceptionally rare and balanced ability to see the big picture and break it down into manageable and easily implemented steps.

I am so grateful to have had Jill’s expertise during a growth phase of my business. If it wasn’t for Jill, I doubt I’d be so excited about the amazing year ahead. Her professional approach at all times meant that she succeeded in drawing out the best in me and my vision without imposing her agenda.

Jill was able to streamline my approach and move me out of overwhelm into clarity and effective action. If you’re thinking about getting some help with your business, don’t delay. Jill will be the best choice you could possibly make.

Thank you so much Jill. You’re priceless!”

Lisa Fitzpatrick, Sacred Women’s Business

“A friend and colleague told me the other day that I am about a year ahead of her in getting my business going and I know that working with you is what has done that.  I am happy to recommend my friend to you because I know you will save her that year.

I am always happy to share with others on the work we have been doing because you are a true professional, you are disciplined in your approach to your work (which is also a great learning for me) and you really know your stuff!

I have already wasted enough money on working with the wrong people so if I can help other avoid the trap of hiring people who promise the world only to regurgitate what they have seen someone else doing then I am more than happy to do that.

You know and understand my market! I’m one very happy customer.”

Jenny Smith, Divorced Women’s Club

“I was asking myself the questions, “What do I need to do to get my business up and running?” and “How do I get my ideas of the drawing table and into a product that I could be proud of?” There was so much to do and I had no idea where to start. Then I met Jill!

All my questions were answered…and more! I had finally found someone who listened to what I wanted and workedwith me to get all those ideas I had into written and visual masterpieces that I was proud of.

I was blown away with Jill’s warmth and professionalism. Her ability to understand my needs and guide me step by step through the stages that brought my vision to life, has been a joyous experience.

Jill’s sense of humour, patience and creativity went beyond my expectations. She was generous with offering suggestions and referrals when needed.

Working with Jill, I now have a solid foundation to build upon…not to mention a wonderful mentor and coach moving forward.”

Maria Liedke, NewStart

Facilitator Reviews

“We posed a challenging situation to Jill and a lot to achieve in one day. She took the time to learn about us, to meet with individuals beforehand, she created a connection with virtually everyone in the room. She gained the trust of the group quickly. Her framework worked for us. We achieved some very good tangible and intangible outcomes in a short space of time. Jill was extremely professional and approachable. She clearly cares about her work which showed. I would be happy to work with Jill again.”

Geoff Wilson, COO, KPMG Asia Pacific

“Jill is a fantastic facilitator.  I’m always happy to recommend Jill to anyone because she has facilitated many successful sessions for me.  By example, she facilitated a Team Behaviours Day that was a great success and in particular, the team loved the positive reinforcement activity Jill ran at the end of the session – they still refer to this as one of the best team days they have participated in and Jill’s facilitation on the day is the primary reason for this.”

Jayson Bricknell, Director, Westpac Group

“I’ve known two extraordinary facilitators in my long working career.  One is a woman in her late 60s and the other is Jill”.

Lisa Colley, Manager, City of Sydney

“Thank you for an excellent team day and program.  I thoroughly enjoyed the day and the team gained so much from it, the discussions are still continuing – always a good sign.  I value your knowledge and expertise in this area, and appreciate all your efforts, support, encouragement and understanding. You read the team well and engaged them well. It was a pleasure to share the day.”

Lyndon Constable, Country Manager, VETOQUINOL Australia Pty Ltd

“If there were stars in the sidewalk in Hollywood for the field of facilitation, Jill would have one of them! She attends to every aspect of the participant experience, from a welcoming atmosphere to the final debrief. Her greatest gift is for leading people to see their potential and then construct a plan to fulfill it. Hire Jill and watch as amazing things happen.”

Dr Katherine Hirsh, Author Reintegration: Managing the Transition Home and Past President of the Association of Psychological Type International

MC Reviews

“Jill Chivers was the MC for a recent Pacific Rim Real Estate Conference at the University of the Sunshine Coast, involving a large and diverse audience drawn from 13 countries. Jill provided an outstanding service – very welcoming and inclusive, with an eye to detail and a good comprehension of the nature of the conference and the outcomes required. I would recommend her highly.”

Professor Mike Hefferan, Pro Vice Chancellor (Engagement), The University of the Sunshine Coast

“Jill is the ultimate professional. She fully understands the role of an MC and prepares for it. Her ‘performance’ had a formula: first ensure that you engage the audience and bring them in (closely), then remind them why they are here, highlight the sponsors, the speakers and keep focused on the objectives of the event – it was a perfect ‘drum roll’ to the main event and nothing about her – she makes space to allow the keynote speakers to shine. She had the audience entranced! Thank you Jill, you made us look great!”

Dr Pamela Wardner, The University of the Sunshine Coast

“Thank you Jill for the wonderful job you did MCing our reunion event on the weekend. The gala dinner night was a great success, mostly due to you. Your professionalism at engaging everyone and showing such respect for all those present made the evening the success it was. So many present commented on how terrific you were as the MC and we enjoyed having you there. I would recommend you highly for the wonderful job you did.”

Rosie Forster, President WRAAF (Womens Royal Australian Air Force)

“As an MC, Jill Chivers brings so much more than the usual laughter and direction to your event. She brings years of experience as a professional facilitator, corporate trainer, business coach and personality profiler. This means she takes the time to really get to know the people behind the event, their goals and the flavour they want for the day.”

Alex Mitchell, Women Entrepreneurs

“Jill Chivers was our dynamic, vivacious and super professional MC for the launch. This lady is beyond a doubt top of her game and surged this launch ahead with her energy and style. She guided me every step of the way and if ever I felt unsure of my next move, Jill was only a call away. The Gala Launch for the Vintage Calendar Girls was a stupendous success, skilfully guided and elegantly executed thanks to this sensational Blonde Bombshell!”

Misty Bland, Founder of Vintage Calendar Girls, Rare Cancers of Australia

“Jill Chivers recently MCed a fundraising luncheon on behalf of Cancer Council Queensland. She was superbly well presented and highly organised and had the running sheet completed days before – wonderful preparation! On the day, Jill had the guests totally entertained with her incredible relaxed, polished style and remained calm and gracious when there was a couple of adjustments needed on the day. I would highly recommend Jill for any MCing functions.”

Debbie Ayers, Cancer Council Queensland

Speaker Reviews

“At one stage during Jill Chivers’ presentation I looked around the room and saw heads nodding and delegates laughing and writing furiously. Jill was extremely insightful and a perfect choice of presenter at our conference. Jill, you provided us with some great tools that can easily be applied when working with clients and all done with great authenticity and genuine passion. Thank you!”

Carol Martyn, President, Australasian Association of Professional Organisers

“I had the privilege of having Jill as guest speaker at our Red Hot Mastermind Event. She was amazing!! She packed so much information into the 90 minute talk and gave us all enormous value. Jill speaks from the heart, sharing her story and passion behind her business to help others in their own journeys. Everyone that attended was deeply touched and inspired. Jill also shared with us some invaluable tips on how to get ‘Free Publicity for our Business’ AND ‘How to create Profitable Partnerships’. Jill is a woman of passion, purpose, authenticity and a genuine desire to help others succeed in life and in business“.

Sue Murphy, Red Hot Events and Seminars

“It was lovely to see a very professional and skilled co-speaker at The Kitchen Table Network event this week.  It’s easy to see that Jill Chivers is an experienced presenter and educator. She not only engaged her audience on the day with an interesting and informative presentation – but (even better) she had us talking about the topic afterwards.  If you can remain (positively) in someone’s mind after the event, I truly believe you have connected with your audience.   Being a speaker myself, I have very high expectations of other presenters, so well done Jill – you ‘nailed it’“.

Donna Stone, Donna Stone Consulting

“The feedback I received from attendees was fabulous. I highly recommend Jill as a top level presenter.”

Terri Cooper, Terri Cooper Networking