Coaching for Workshop Leaders

Three Best Practice Programs for Trainers and Facilitators.

Program #1: Your program reviewed

Attendance at your program to observe and provide a comprehensive review and feedback of your program and facilitation:

  • Extensive, thorough and professional review of your program, course or workshop
  • Focused and targeted feedback regarding your facilitation and training processes, skills and effectiveness. Feedback will encompass
    • What you do well and should do more of or amplify
    • What you might consider changing or doing differently/better
    • What you should consider removing or stop doing altogether
  • Written feedback delivered in colourful visual format
  • In person or Skype feedback session within 7 days, ideally 24 hours, of your session

Program #2: Coaching and mentoring program

Personalised mentoring program focused on your skills, capabilities and confidence as a trainer/facilitator.

  • Focus is on your programs and processes and on your skills and effectiveness as a facilitator/trainer
  • Regular contact may include
    • Weekly, fortnightly or monthly Skype calls
    • Email support
    • Document review and feedback (eg: agenda/flow; handouts + workbooks)
    • Exercise/activity review and process input
    • Client management support
  • You’ll receive ideas, input and support in all aspects of preparing for, delivering and following-up your programs, courses and workshops
  • Post-program review

Program #3: 1:1 Power Consultation + Free Reports

A personalised and targeted consultation focused on you and your workshop, session or program.

Choose to schedule your Power Consultation before your next workshop session, or make it a post-workshop consultation to review successes and learning’s. OR schedule two Power Sessions – one pre- and one post-workshop.

Possible focus areas include (but are not limited to):

  • Professional review of your workshop agenda (your ‘flow’)
  • Focused, specific feedback on an upcoming session
    • Preparation and pre-work
    • Overarching flow of the session
    • Exercise/activity review
    • Process review and input
    • Potential energy blind spots in your session
  • This is a tailoured and focused session – it’s all about you and your workshop

Free Reports

As part of your 1:1 power consultation, you receive via email all of these reports and resources at no extra charge:

  • 4 Levels of Learning
  • 4 Stages to the Training Cycle
  • 4-Step Workshop Frame
  • 4-Mat Model
  • 7 Deadly Sins Trainers Commit
  • 10 Activities for Unfacilitated Learning
  • 10 Ways to Split a Group
  • Action Learning Process
  • Creating the Right Ambience
  • Creating your Flow of Activities
  • Debriefing Questions
  • Energising Endings
  • Facilitators We Dread
  • The Difference Between Speakers and Workshop Leaders
  • Top Ten Facilitator Tips
  • Quality Questions
  • Sizzling Starts
  • Welcome Pack Ideas
  • What Facilitators Are and do: Facilitator Roles and Behaviours
  • Your Agenda: Creating a Engaging Flow

You will also receive all new reports and resources as they become available.

Contact me today to discuss your coaching program in workshop design and delivery.