Articles for Entrepreneurs

Food for thought: These articles for entrepreneurs are for small and micro businesses who are just starting out or wanting to develop some aspect of their business.

So you’ve got an idea for a business?

So the entrepreneurial bug has bit you and now you’ve got an idea for a business. … See the full article

Two things your start-up cannot survive without

  I’ve worked with a lot of start-ups – people who are enthusiastic about their new … See the full article

How to work with a coach

It’s a great idea to work with a business coach to get you and your business … See the full article

How important is passion in starting your business?

There’s a whole sub-industry of people working in the field of “passion”. I believe the passion … See the full article

What it really takes to get your business up and running

If you are in the start-up phase of your business, then you know how exciting that … See the full article

The truth about marketing

Marketing is essential to your business. You simply cannot get anything sold unless you have some … See the full article

What no one ever tells you when you start your business

Starting a business is a bit like putting on a dinner party. The actual dinner party … See the full article

The secret to promoting your products and services

Come a little closer. Lean right in. I have something to whisper in your ear. It’s … See the full article

Stop trading time for money

I’ve met many an entrepreneur who has a great idea, even a great business, but are … See the full article

How to deal with overwhelm

Overwhelm can happen easily to entrepreneurs. Especially those who have more time than money (you need … See the full article

The biggest obstacle to creativity and productivity

Many entrepreneurs and start-ups in particular go into business for themselves because they want to create … See the full article

The importance of rewards and celebration

It takes an awful lot of work to get a new enterprise off the ground. Many entrepreneurs and start … See the full article