Need an impactful facilitator?

I love to design and facilitate interactive learning experiences, and have been given feedback about the stimulating and safe learning spaces I create and maintain.

My facilitation journey started when I worked for global advisory firm Deloitte.  As an internal facilitator for many years, I designed and delivered hundreds of client workshops as part of multi-phase, often multi-million dollar projects.

I then started my own facilitation and training firm and worked with high performing teams and leaders at global firms such as KPMG, IBM, Deloitte and Macquarie Group, designing and delivering skill development workshops focusing on communication, leadership and teaming.

I have a deep understanding of participant learning styles and I design and facilitate workshops that ensure participant engagement and learning by everyone. My workshop design is innovative, insightful and relevant to the learner’s and organisation’s needs.

I have designed and delivered workshops in Australia, New Zealand, the Asian region, the United States, Canada and Europe.  I have worked with small groups of less than 10 people and with large groups of hundreds of people.

Here’s what Geoff Wilson, the Chief Operating Officer for KPMG Asia Pacific had to say about a one-day strategic facilitation day I designed and delivered for the Asia Pacific regional leadership team in Vietnam:

“We posed a challenging situation to Jill and a lot to achieve in one day. She took the time to learn about us, to meet with individuals beforehand, she created a connection with virtually everyone in the room. She gained the trust of the group quickly. Her framework worked for us. We achieved some very good tangible and intangible outcomes in a short space of time. Jill was extremely professional and approachable. She clearly cares about her work which showed. I would be happy to work with Jill again.”

My skills as a facilitator are very broad and deep, honed over decades of working as a professional corporate facilitator.  I am a confident workshop leader and am skilled and experienced in:

  • Designing and delivering a workshop or series of workshops for your organization or team
  • Facilitating an event or series of events for your team or organization
  • Creating or co-creating with you an ongoing learning program in any number of specific skill areas for your team or organization
  • I have experience in designing and delivering workshops and interactive learning events in a wide range of “soft skill” development areas, although my focus has been honed to two areas of interest – click here  for more information.  Due to the unique and impactful design of my workshops, there is a high degree of participation and uptake of skills after the workshop.