Project Mentor

Need a helping hand?

We all need a help hand with our projects and work from time to time. Whether you are creating a video, workshop, a new product or series of products, an online presence or appearing in the media – I can help you.  I’m the power in your corner as your project mentor.

If you are taking your business to the next level, growing your speaking skills or preparing for a media campaign – I can help you.

“Before I started working with Jill, I had everything I thought I needed to succeed with my business.  I was motivated, passionate, I had a whole heap of ideas going around in my head about what I could do and how I could help my clients.  

What was missing was a lack of belief and confidence in my ability and a strategy of how all these wonderful ideas were going to be developed.  I was in a serious state of panic and procrastination.  A colleague referred me to Jill because she could see Jill had all the expertise to help me.

Jill is the perfect fit for me because she thinks with both a creative mind and a business mind.  She took me through a step by step process for getting my ideas out of my head and onto paper and then through a product development phase.  Jill could see potential in me that I couldn’t see or feel when we first met which was part of my “stuck phase”.  Her confidence in me taught me about the importance of self belief and as a result my internal dialogue is more positive.

Thanks to Jill I have just published my first e-course “Living Your Life Stylishly” and sales have been very strong.   Throughout the entire process of developing this e-course, Jill mentored me and kept my focus and direction where it was needed.  We are now working together on my next project.

I would recommend Jill Chivers to anyone in business that is feeling stuck or doesn’t know how to get themselves moving in the right direction.  If you are seeking clarity and confidence in what you are doing then Jill would be a great fit for you.

 Something I am 100% sure of is that I would never have succeeded with my e-course without Jill Chivers’ expertise, mentoring and business acumen.”

Jo ShiersJo Hodges


The Style Adviser

I have broad and deep business skills that I use to help you take your business or project to where it needs to go.  I have worked in “big corporate” (working for a global firm, in Australia and around the world) and I have started and grown several successful small businesses.  I am an effective and compassionate coach, mentor and consultant: your project mentor.

One of my key skills as your project mentor is to help you see through the chaos, or the variety of options you have, and choose the best path.

I can help you break through confusion or overwhelm and clearly identify your end goal, so you can see it… feel it… smell it… hear it… and touch it.

I can help you

I can help you create the business and future you want, by coaching you, by mentoring you, and by consulting with you.

There are lots of great coaches out there.  Lots of great mentors out there.  And even more great consultants out there.

But there are very few professionals who combine all those skills in one package as a project mentor, and can use them all seamlessly with one client and in one session.

“Before I worked with Jill, I knew what I wanted my business to look like, but I wasn’t sure how to move forward on my vision. Jill has the exceptionally rare and balanced ability to see the big picture and break it down into manageable and easily implemented steps.

I am so grateful to have had Jill’s expertise during a growth phase of my business. If it wasn’t for Jill, I doubt I’d be so excited about the amazing year ahead. Her professional approach at all times meant that she succeeded in drawing out the best in me and my vision without imposing her agenda. 

Jill was able to streamline my approach and move me out of overwhelm into clarity and effective action. If you’re thinking about getting some help with your business, don’t delay. Jill will be the best choice you could possibly make.

Thank you so much Jill. You’re priceless!”

Lisa FitzpatrickLisa Fitzpatrick


Sacred Women’s Business

When we work together, I draw on all my skills — my coaching, mentoring and consulting skills combined together as your project mentor.

How this shows up is I’ll ask you relevant questions that will yield insightful responses and shift your thoughts, feelings and actions (that’s coaching).

I will share my own experiences and opinions and provide recommendations and reasons why (that’s classic mentoring).

And I will help you create deliverables and outcomes that move you forward by working alongside you (that’s consulting).

I combine “hearts and smarts” and use everything I have at my disposal to help you achieve your goals and create the business, the products, and the audiences you dream of.

I have worked with clients from many content expertise backgrounds and because of my strong process skills, I’ve been able to help all of them.  I don’t need to know your content and your business as well as you do to be able to help you.

I work with you as a whole person.  I know that your business, your book, your project is important – but you’re more than your business, book or project, too.  You have a life outside of your work, and I acknowledge and honour that during our work together.

“A friend and colleague told me the other day that I am about a year ahead of her in getting my business going and I know that working with you is what has done that.  I am happy to recommend my friend to you because I know you will save her that year.

I am always happy to share with others on the work we have been doing because you are a true professional, you are disciplined in your approach to your work (which is also a great learning for me) and you really know your stuff!

I have already wasted enough money on working with the wrong people so if I can help other avoid the trap of hiring people who promise the world only to regurgitate what they have seen someone else doing then I am more than happy to do that.

You know and understand my market!

I’m one very happy customer.”

Jenny Smith - 2v2Jenny Smith


Divorced Womens Club

When we work together, our sessions and the program of work is always tailoured to your needs and your outcomes.  As your project mentor, I can help you do the hard stuff, too – the things you’ve been dreading doing, or don’t quite know where to start on, or that you simply want someone else to take care of.

I’m power in your corner.  I help make the tough things easier, keep you on track when you need guidance, and am an experienced and empathetic helping hand at every step of the way.

Areas I can help you with

As your project mentor, there are a range of areas we can work together in, including (but not limited to) the following:

  • Coaching you or your team in how to design and deliver an impactful workshop.  So many workshops fail to engage participants and have a poor take-up rate after the workshop is finished.  To make sure your workshop engages and is “sticky”, you need to understand how to structure and deliver the workshop so it has real and lasting impact.
  • Project managing or providing project management coaching/mentoring to your project team.  So many projects go over budget or time because they aren’t well designed from the outset, and/or they aren’t well managed throughout.  Set your project, and your project team, up to succeed from the very beginning!
  • Supporting the development of your business, or the development of important parts of your business.
    • I can help you identify your ideal clients and design and implement a strategy to attract those ideal clients.
    • I can help you craft key content – for your website, for promotional material such as flyers, and for your products.
    • I can also help you develop products and resources, both e-products which are available online and physical products.
    • I can help you build your audience through targeted client communication channels such as blogging and newsletters.
  • A focused and empowering day spent on you and your business at the exclusive VIP Day.
  • Writing for you, either as a guest writer or as a copywriter/ghostwriter.  The purpose of writing is to engage and shift the thinking, feelings and behaviour of the reader.  If your writing isn’t doing this, then get some power in your corner to lift the level of your writing.
  • Develop speaking topics including core topic areas and headlines + develop the content for a keynote or series of keynotes.  Great speakers don’t just happen – they are grown!  I can also help you develop a Speakers Pack and promotional strategy for becoming a speaker.
  • Coaching/mentoring you or your team in media skills, including the development of a media strategy/plan, preparation and ‘camera craft’ and creation of media pitches.  The biggest mistake people make with their media interviews is to “wing it” and assume that just because they know their topic, they will come across well in a media interview.  Don’t make that mistake – if you have an important media appearance coming up, get some coaching to make sure you are fully prepared.
  • I can also help you create your press release and “One Sheet” – a short document used to promote you in media and speaking.
  • You may find useful my Article for Entrepreneurs.

“I was asking myself the questions, “What do I need to do to get my business up and running?” and “How do I get my ideas of the drawing table and into a product that I could be proud of?” There was so much to do and I had no idea where to start. Then I met Jill!

All my questions were answered…and more!

I had finally found someone who listened to what I wanted and worked with me to get all those ideas I had into written and visual masterpieces that I was proud of.

I was blown away with Jill’s warmth and professionalism. Her ability to understand my needs and guide me step by step through the stages that brought my vision to life, has been a joyous experience.

Jill’s sense of humour, patience and creativity went beyond my expectations. She was generous with offering suggestions and referrals when needed.

Working with Jill, I now have a solid foundation to build upon…not to mention a wonderful mentor and coach moving forward.”

MARIA 350Maria Liedke

Founder / Educator

New Start Australia

How it works

  • We start with an initial conversation via email, Skype or phone.  You tell me a bit about what’s happening for you and your business right now, and in what ways you need help.  Are you looking to develop your offerings and create more products?  Perhaps it’s start up help you need in getting your business up and running?  Or maybe it’s ongoing coaching to set you a sustainable path and help keep you on track?  The topics above may help you hone in on the specific areas you need help with right now.  And whatever it is (and however clear you are on it, or not, right now) we’ll discuss it in our first conversation.
  • We decide on how you’d like to proceed from here:
    • Our first session may be a stand alone power coaching session of 90 minutes or 2 hours duration.
    • You may want to book straight into your very own VIP Day.
  • I love to work with coaching clients on a program-basis, such as the VIP Day or the Passion to Profit program.  However you may wish to proceed on an ad hoc basis, booking in further sessions when you need them, with no set schedule to follow.
    • With a coaching program, we schedule a set of 5 – 8 sessions over an agreed time period (usually a month or 5 weeks).
    • Coaching sessions are usually 90 minutes or 2 hours.  Nothing is set in stone, though, and it really depends on what we’re working on together and what your outcomes, needs, timeframes and deadlines are.
    • I’m always happy to work in whatever way suits you the most.  Ad hoc sessions often end up costing more than a coaching program.
    • We work together to identify the best way of moving forward – a way that suits you, your business, your life, your goals, your needs and your outcomes.

“Before I met Jill, I had so many ideas for how to go forward, but I didn’t have a clue where, or how, to begin.

I tried to do it on my own with the help of online courses and doing lots of reading – but I still felt unsure where to go next.  I was also suffering from a lack of focus and a bit of FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) which had left me lacking confidence on which steps to take.

From the beginning, it was clear Jill was the perfect person to help me.  She got back to me very quickly and in our first call we explored the areas I wanted help with, and the ways in which she worked.  She was clear and thorough and I left the call with more confidence than I’d felt in a long time.

Our work together has meant that instead of going round in circles, I’ve the structure and direction I needed to actually get things done.  Jill’s been a great cheerleader and this has really given me the confidence to put myself out there.  She’s also been great about sharing information and has recommended some fantastic people for me to work with.  Working with Jill has been a great experience, and a great pleasure as well!”

catherine-greyCatherine Grey

Mindfulness Facilitator

Mindful Coast