Specific Content Expertise

All of what I’ve described on other pages in this section – my skills in developing compelling videos, facilitation, training, workshop design and delivery, speaking and presenting, media, writing, business building and project management – all of those are what I think of as process skills. They can be applied to any number of different content areas, and in a way they can be thought of as ‘content free’ process skills.

So it might be interesting for you to learn a little more about the skills I have in particular content areas. During my career, both in the global corporate arena and in running a small business, I worked across many, many content areas.

They had one thing in common: they were all about people. Here’s a summary of my content expertise and interests:

Psychological type and understanding what makes people tick

Humans are about the most interesting thing going, and I have loved every moment I have spent in the connection with and observation of other people. I have been fortunate enough to work with a range of models and systems for understand this thing called “being human” and the more I learn, the more I realize there is to learn.

We cannot possibly map the complexity and depth of what it is to be human, but we can make some inroads into understand how and why we are different, what connects us, and how we can make it easier to understand and interact with our fellow human beings.

  • In particular, I have a relatively deep understanding of the psychological type system that Carl Jung described and Katherine Briggs and Isabel Briggs Myers made popular with their Myers Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI®).  In recent years I have used the powerful TypeCoach suite of interactive online programs. I have worked with psychological type for over two decades now and have been blessed to be able to share with others some of the extraordinary elegance the model has, particularly when you understand how Carl Jung intended the model to be used in its dynamic form. When used well, psychological type is not a system for “boxing” people (no-one is a “type”), but instead it is a system for understanding the dynamic nature of human beings, and how they get along in the world.
  • My personal understanding of psychological type has literally changed how I see other people (and myself) and has freed me from so many unhealthy assumptions that can get into the way of really seeing and appreciating people for who they are. I have also been fortunate enough to facilitate the understanding and application of psychological type to hundreds of professionals in my career as a professional corporate facilitator and have been blessed to witness more “A-Ha” moments than I can count.
  • I also worked with simpler models such as the DiSC system, the People Styles model made popular by the Bolton & Bolton team, the Interaction Style model that Linda Berens created (which is nothing short of brilliant), and the Herman Brain Dominance Instrument (HBDI). These simpler models have 4 categories (as distinct from the 16 categories psychological type has), or ‘sorting mechanisms’ and the value they bring includes this simplicity – they are easier to remember as they have less complexity to them. The more categories a sorting mechanism has, the more complex it is (sometimes making it more challenging or time-consuming to fully understand) and the more sophisticated it is (usually making it more accurate for more people).
  • I am a practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), a very popular school of thinking these days which has been described in so many different ways, but the one that most resonates with me is the system of understanding human success. Humans are not predictable, but we do have sets of patterns that form a picture of how and why we do what we do. When you understand the underlying patterns – the ‘structure’ of what we are doing – it can make our behaviour much easier to understand and therefore change.

I also have other people-related content skills including:

  • Delivering masterful presentations. I’ve worked with hundreds of senior people, many of them lawyers, in becoming masterful presenters.
  • Making the media work for you. This is a program as short as 20 minutes or as long as 2 days on how to conjure up your own media magic and make every interview work for you.
  • Leadership development skills. I’ve worked with hundreds of leaders in the corporate world and helped them to understand their leadership style and how to become better leaders.
  • Influencing skills. Connected to communication and leadership are the specific skills of influence. I’ve designed and delivered workshop sessions on how to become a more successful influencer.
  • Facilitating impactful learning events. I’ve worked with professional facilitators to support them in becoming more impactful facilitators and creating more impactful learning events for their participants.
  • Communication skills. I’ve delivered hundreds of workshops to possibly thousands of people on becoming more effective communicators.
  • Teamwork. I’ve had the great pleasure of creating innovative and powerful team development programs for some amazing teams.
  • Managing change, managing time, managing meetings. I’ve designed and delivered workshops in all of these areas. There is an art form and a science to it!
  • Customer care. I’ve worked with teams to improve how they are treating and responding to their customers.
  • Look good, feel great – without buying more. This is a unique and powerful program, from presentation length to workshop session on sustainable style and conscious consumption.
  • Image and impact. I’ve created and delivered programs on understanding the impression that professionals are making with how they are presenting themselves.
  • Handling difficult situations. I’ve worked with teams in many organizations and helped them to harness the options they have when it comes to handling difficult situations.
  • Networking skills. I co-developed and delivered a short but very punchy program on the power and nuance of truly effective networking skills.

This is a summary of the many and varied topic and content areas that I had the great pleasure of designing and delivering workshops and learning sessions in.

I am always interested in creating customized and creative learning solutions for high performing teams and leaders in key capability development areas – contact me today to discuss your learning needs!